Design & Hardscaping


One of the best ways to enhance your project is by introducing unique hardscaping materials into your landscape. Whether its natural stone, pavers, patios, retaining walls, or one of many concrete finishes, Dircio’s Landscape can bring your project to life! By maximizing outdoor entertaining opportunities we can bet that you and your family will be spending much less time indoors.

No matter how simple or intricate the design you have in mind is, Dircio’s Landscaping can help you out. We’ve worked hard over the years to establish ourselves as the go-to folks for Grant County and surrounding residents looking to enhance their outdoor space with detailed, well-executed hardscaping, for properties big and small.


Our hardscape services include a broad range of stone, gravel and concrete. See our curbing and concrete page for more poured concrete specific projects. A hardscape project that is installed for longevity includes a properly done sub base and prep. Dircio's years of experience in installing foundations has taught us what makes a correctly compacted sub base, that is, the work you don’t see but will soon notice after a few years with our wet weather and damp soil. We do every job correctly, including what you see and what you don't.