Curbing & Concrete


Enhance the appearance of your yard with concrete landscape borders such as custom curbing. Whether you want a basic charcoal coat or a custom curbing design, Dircio’s Landscaping has the experience and ability to create exactly what you need. Are you tired of the grass crawling into your flower beds? By adding concrete curbing to your lawn, weeding your overgrown grass in the flowerbeds can be something of the past!

We offer a variety of services including custom concrete projects, sidewalks, patios, you name it! Our chief aim is to go above and beyond our clients expectations. It’s hard to impress clients with the quality of our work if we don’t first begin with high quality materials, which is why Dircio’s Landscaping chooses only the best material to satisfy your needs.

  •  Continuous Seam-Free Concrete Landscape Bordering.
  •  Many Different Looks And Styles.
  •  Highest Quality Concrete Curbing Installation & Materials.
  • Highly Experience In Premium Landscape Curbing.
  • Extremely Easy To Maintain Concrete Curbing

Highly Experience In Landscape Curbing

Whether you are looking to install curbing or poured-in-place curbing. We can help you meet your goals. Dircio's can install new curb for your project, or we can remove and replace your existing curb. How your curbing looks can have a direct effect on curb appeal for your property or project. Hence we can help keep your property or project maintained by replacing or repairing the curbing.